Now it’s already the end of November, which means that winter is coming soon and autumn is going to end. Well, I just can’t believe that autumnn will be out soon. It doesn’t feel like autumn at all! Maybe it’s because I’m comparing it with USA where you can see the leaves turning red and orange everywhere. Here, you can only find that on certain places. Maybe that’s why they celebrate Momiji (seeing the leaves turning red). On my dormitory neighborhood you won’t find maple trees that will turn red, you can only find cherry blossom trees’ leaves turning red on one side and brown on the other and ginko trees’ leaves turn yellow before it finally fall. Because the leaves only turned yellow, it makes me think that we’re still in the beginning of autumn! But last week, Isa, Baharu, mbak Batari and I went to Takao-san (高尾山)to survey the place for this weekend’s PPI-Tokodai Momiji Hiking. I could see leaves turning red, yellow, and orange there. Just like what I’ve thought, you can only expect maple leaves that will change colors. But there is a kind of leaf similar to maple but smaller in size that also change its color with gradient of green-purple-red. We were hoping that by November 22nd the leaves will all turn red beautifully. Yeeyy!! Momiji hiking!!

You might be wondering what the title have to do with the paragraph above. Well, it has been 10 years since the last time I felt how autumn, winter, spring, and summer. But I think I’ve had enough “summer” in Indonesia. Autumn… yes, I recognized the feel of autumn here but I just don’t really get the feel by looking at the surroundings because in Japan I could hardly find trees that would turn colors perfectly as maple trees in USA. I recognize the cool air… and the rain showers that often occur to help the leaves fall down. I remembered how wet the autumn in USA. At that time I came to a conclusion (by my own common sense) that rain often fall in autumn to help the leaves fall down from the trees. When I asked mbak Lyta if there will be lots of rain in autumn, she said “no, there will be more rain in July”. Hmm… I was a bit confused at that moment, maybe my theory was completely wrong. As the days went by, there are actually lots of rain throughout autumn! Or you can say it typhoon in some cases. But I really hate the rain because the temperature will be very cold outside and I simply can’t stand it!

Today’s temperature is very cold. It reached 8 degrees Celcius. I was freezing cold when walking back to the dorm at about 6 p.m. I could see my breath on the air everytime I breathe out and my nose is always cold, typical things that will happen in winter. I was questioning myself on the way home, “hmm… how did winter feel like? it’s been a long time since I felt this kind of weather. I kinda miss it because it reminds me of my childhood, but I haven’t had it in such a long time… I don’t remember what winter feels like”. I grateful to have a chance to feel it again… thank you Alloh… 🙂

*pictures coming soon


Lab’s life and homework

November 19, 2009

I’m now at the library doing nothing. Actually I was only looking for warmth and some comfort because I’m getting bored sitting in front of my old-fashioned computer at the lab. Even though it’s older than other people’s computer, I don’t mind though because it still can run well and has 160 GB of hardisk (not bad). Just be thankful for everything given now, then insyaAlloh Alloh will give more in the future, amiin.


I just read my friend’s posting on her blog about one of her experience in her lab’s group discussion (or was it zemi?). Hmm… it made we want to write a post about my lab’s life. So, until now, my professor has only assigned me one homework which has to be done continuously every two weeks until the end of this semester. And he also told me that we will have seminar (Japanese students call it “zemi”) for me, alone. I have only attended one zemi this semester which was the bachelor grade 4’s seminar. In the seminar, every B4 students will be seated in front of the professor and then they present about their sotsuron progress. After they’re done with their presentation, sensei will give critics and comments on it. But, since the seminar is totally in Japanese, I was like hearing aliens communicating! I asked my professor if I will have to attend the B4’s seminars. Suzuki sensei said that I don’t have to attend it because it would be a waste of time for me anyway. So, in my case probably it will be like discussion about my homework. But until now I didn’t get any clarification about my seminar’s schedule because Suzuki sensei said that the seminar schedule will be decided later. I’ve sent him emails twice asking about the schedule, but I haven’t got any reply so I really don’t know what to do…


Now, guess what my homework is!? I’m supposed to make resume or summary of a journal every two weeks. Hahaha… suddenly I remembered the time when my class in TIUI (Industrial Engineering, University of Indonesia) was given task to make resume of a journal every week. If I’m not mistaken, it was the Management of Information System class. The purpose of the homework that sensei gave me is to direct me to a specific topic for my sotsuron. I think this homework will be really important for my sotsuron and my future final thesis in Indonesia. Because of that, I intended to make one summary of a journal every week. Unfortunately I got stuck in the third and fourth summaries because I had some trouble understanding papers about customer satisfaction. I gave up and tried to find new papers. Yesterday I went to look for journals on supply chain again but from different aspects from the ones I have summarized before to give broader picture about supply chain to ease me when choosing the sotsuron topic that really interests me. Well, I think I need to thank Pak Dachyar for giving the summarizing task in Indonesia, so I’m quite used to it now. Anyway, a bit out of the topic, when sensei gave me the summary task, I put it on the Facebook stating that sensei gave me homework to summarize journal every two weeks and Pak Dachyar “liked” it 😀


Humm… I haven’t seen my professor in a while. Well, I’m scared to go to his office and even my tutor is not offering his help! HELP ME!! Every time I planned to see my professor, it would just be a plan because, yes, I’m scared to see him. Maybe I’m scared if suddenly he asked about the papers I’ve been summarizing, hahaha. Alloh help me please? I need some courage to go to my professor’s office and ask about my tasks or anything, because sending emails sometimes just won’t do well.

YSEP: an introduction

November 14, 2009

Okay, kali ini gw akan berbagi sedikit informasi maupun cerita mengenai bagaimana caranya hingga gw bisa (akhirnya) pergi ke Jepang gratis dan ke universits TOP juga.

What is YSEP?

Jadi, menurut official web YSEP, YSEP merupakan singkatan dari Young Scientist Exchange Program. Program ini memberikan kesempatan kepada mahasiswa dari luar Jepang untuk dapat mencicipi riset jangka panjang (sotsuron) dan belajar mengenai bahasa Jepang serta lingkungan maupun budayanya di Tokyo Institute of Technology (one of the world’s top-100 university, UI dan ITB kalah, hehe).

How many students are accepted every year?

Untuk program ini, Tokyo Tech menerima 20-25 mahasiswa dari luar Jepang yang berasal dari universitas yang memiliki exchange agreement dengan pihak Tokyo Tech. Kalau di Indonesia, sepengetahuan saya, yang memiliki exchange agreement dengan Tokyo Tech adalah Universitas Indonesia (UI) dan Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Untuk tahun ini (2009), Tokyo Tech menerima total 37 mahasiswa yang akan fokus pada sotsuron dengan rincian 7 mahasiswa Indonesia (2 UI – 5 ITB). Untuk melihat jumlah mahasiswa yang diterima untuk mengikuti program ini tahun-tahun sebelumnya bisa dilihat di web YSEP.

Sotsuron, supervisor, subjects?

Selain riset, mahasiswa juga mengambil mata kuliah yang berhubungan dengan riset atau kebudayaan Jepang dengan pengantar bahasa Inggris. Supervisor untuk sotsuron disediakan oleh pihak universitas. Jikalau ada profesor yang anda cantumkan di application form tidak dapat menerima murid YSEP baru, maka pihak Tokyo Tech akan mengirimkan email yang meminta anda untuk memilih profesor baru (this happened to me).

Duration of stay and accommodation?

Lamanya program ini adalah 1 tahun dimulai dari bulan September hingga Agustus tahun berikutnya. Selama di Jepang, akomodasi sudah di-arrange oleh pihak Tokyo Tech. Ada 2 asrama pemerintah yang dapat digunakan, yaitu Umegaoka dan Shofu. Kita akan berbagi kamar dengan anggota YSEP lainnya. Ada double-room dan single-room. Fee untuk double room adalah 12,450 yen, sedangkan untuk single room adalah sebesar 15,900 yen. Mahal ya? Pastinya nggak kayak ngekos di Kutek yang cuma 5,000-an yen udah termasuk fasilitasnya. Klo dibandingin sama Bandung kali yah lebih comparable. Oh, jadi tinggal di Bandung sama mahalnya dengan Jepang? Haha, itu namanya penarikan kesimpulan yang semena-mena 😉

Entrance fee and tuition?

Tenang, it’s all FREE! Ga perlu bayar apa pun untuk entrance fee maupun tuition.

Application procedure?

Join milis International Office atau pantangin tuh mading pendidikan di jurusan. Biasanya pendaftaran aplikasi dibuka sekitar bulan Januari atau Februari. Application form bisa di download di web YSEP. Ada beberapa tahapan proses aplikasi berkas sampai betul-betul diterima:

  1. Screening berkas di home university (IO-UI atau ISO-ITB)
  2. Seleksi di home university (klo di UI pakai wawancara). Tips: confident, practice English conversation before the interview, and master your research plan well
  3. Seleksi berkas di host university (Tokyo Tech). Pengumuman: end of April
  4. Screening berkas untuk JASSO. Pengumuman: end of June (tapi pihak Tokyo Tech sudah menerima hasil screening JASSO dari mid-June)

Setelah mendapatkan keterangan lulus screening JASSO baru anda bisa bernapas lega karena sudah bisa dipastikan kalian akan berangkat ke Jepang. Tapi (sepertinya) semua yang lulus seleksi di host university hampir bisa dipastikan pasti lulus screening JASSO. Prosedur selengkapnya mengenai beasiswa short-term exchange JASSO bisa dilihat disini.

Application requirements?

Untuk bisa lolos screening berkas, ada beberapa hal yang harus dicantumkan ketika proses aplikasi:

  1. Tokyo Institute of Technology YSEP application form
  2. Surat rekomendasi dari pembimbing akademis (PA)
  3. Certificate of Enrollment for JASSO scholarship (ada di attachment)
  4. Transkrip nilai (yang English yaa)
  5. TOEFL (minimum 500)
  6. Surat keterangan mahasiswa (bikin di PAF)
  7. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) (ada di attachment)
  8. Foto 3×4 cm sebanyak 4 buah
  9. Hasil scan/fotokopi passport (*bisa diurus nanti setelah ada keterangan bahwa sudah lolos seleksi di Tokyo Tech)

Semoga informasi ini bisa bermanfaat untuk calon-calon YSEPers selanjutnya! Saran dari saya, jangan minder untuk ikutan karena probabilitas lolos cukup besar, ga harus punya IPK cumlaude untuk lolos seleksi. Maksimalkan ketika wawancara karena disitulah letak kompetisi yang sebenarnya. Kalau sudah lolos seleksi di home university, untuk selanjutnya insyaAlloh akan mudah asal jangan pernah berhenti berdoa. Lalu, jangan lelah ngurusin semua administrasi itu. Emang bakalan ribet banget, but it’s worth it kok and nothing to lose. Karena dengan ngurusin prikitilan administrasi ini gw jadi ngerti gimana caranya bikin surat rekomendasi PA, prosedur bikin surat rekomendasi dekan, kemampuan English gw sudah seberapa jauh, dan tau artinya perjuangan, hehe *lebay mode ON*. Ngurus berbagai administrasi itu ga cepet dan ga mudah loh, harus bolak-balik kesana kemari. Wuih… perjuangan deh pokoknya 😀

about me

October 29, 2009


Hello everyone! My name is Dita Augystiana My nickname is Dit. So, you can call me Dita. I was born in Jakarta on August 21st, 1988. Currently I’m student in University of Indonesia (Depok, West Java, Indonesia) majoring in Industrial Engineering on the 4th year. I am now also an exchange student (YSEP) in Tokyo Institute of Technology majoring in Industrial Engineering and Management. I am basically a sanguinis-phlegmatis kind of person. If you don’t understand the term “sanguinis” or “phlegmatis” please refer to Google search. I personally have many interests. Some of them are paticipating in student’s organization, travelling, cooking, craftery, sightseeing, shopping (sometimes), hands-on-computer (photo editing or web surfing), watching movies, and learning new things.

In Indonesia I live with my family which consist of 5 person. My father, Tedjo Supriyanto, is an employee at govenrment-owned bank. He’s a Master of Business and Administration from Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. My father is the one I look up to most of the time. He’s really a smart and hardworking person, but tends to be rather quiet. My mom, Rosida Iriana, on the other hand, she’s very talkative and also very attentive to her children. Both of my parents is very concerned with their children’s education. All of their children successfully attented prestigious high schools and universities. Besides my parents, I have a younger brother and sister. My brother is currently attending Bandung Institute of Technology majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He’s in his 2nd year now. My sister is still attending high school in SMAN 28 Jakarta. She’s in her 3rd year and now she’s preparing for the university entrance examination next year. She’s planning to enroll for Computer Science in University of Indonesia.

Hello world!

October 29, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!